All New Citroen C5 Unveiled

New Citroen C5
New Citroen C5

Citroen has unveiled today in Paris the all-new C5 in both sedan and estate versions. Set to launch in the UK early 2008, the new C5 carries over design cues first shown in the C5 Airscape Concept from this past Frankfurt Motor Show. With a greater sense of presence through a longer sleeker body with a high waist line and more aggressive front end, the C5 measures 4.78m long (the estate is 5cm longer), 1.86m wide and 1.45m tall.

Besides new features and improvements including next-gen NaviDrive system, featuring a 7-inch central display screen, new steering wheel controls, seat back massage, Hydractive 3 Plus self-leveling suspension, Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Front Lighting System with Xenon headlamps, the C5 has received a lot of attention in bringing it up to level with the competition.

Judging by the photos it appears Citroen has made a major improvement with the design, build quality and materials of the interior which seems on par with Audi. Citroen has also increased sound deadening for greater cabin comfort and acoustics as well as improving the instrument panel with a fancy overhead console display and annular needles in the instrument cluster dials.

With regards to safety, the C5 has nine airbags, collapsible pedal assembly plus a host of electronic aids such as Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Emergency Braking Assistance, ABS and ESP - all fitted as standard.

The new C5 is available with a wide choice of engines. The petrol powerplants include 127bhp 1.8i 16V and 143bhp 2.0i 16V units,while there are four HDi diesel engines – HDi 110, HDi 138, HDi 173 and HDi V6 208 units – each fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter System that virtually eliminates particle emissions. A selection of manual or automatic gearboxes is offered.

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Published Oct 18th, 2007 6:34pm By Brian Potter
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Citroën is making business and family motoring even more alluring as it lifts the wraps off the brand new C5 in Paris. Unveiled to the world in both saloon and estate versions, the new C5 benefits from a completely new approach by Citroën’s designers who have combined Teutonic-like levels of quality, styling and handling with the highest standards of comfort, safety and in-car technology for which the Company is already renowned.

The all-new C5 conveys a real sense of prestige, with the state-of-the-art design in a classic thoroughbred saloon. Following the success of the innovative C4 Picasso, Citroën’s new C5 also introduces a range of new features such as a second-generation fixed-centred controls steering wheel, a seat back massage function and a choice of suspension set-ups.

Set to arrive in the UK in early 2008, the new C5 embodies the progress that Citroën has made in recent years, and will more than satisfy the requirements of buyers of large cars in terms of both quality and reliability. A powerful addition to the Company’s impressive car line-up, it ensures that Citroën is strongly represented in the large family car sector, one of the UK’s biggest market sectors with over a third of a million sales last year.

With its long, sleek body, sculpted lines and high waist, the new C5’s striking styling gives it a true sense of status. The front end is characterised by the large air-intakes and long incisive headlamps that flank the prominent chrome chevrons and assert the C5’s identity. From the back, the distinctive concave window and two-part boomerang lights give it a purposeful, determined impression.

Longer and wider than the model it replaces, the new C5 has real on-the-road presence, with an aerodynamic profile that alludes to the car’s dynamic qualities and accomplished road handling. Measuring 4.78m long (the estate is 5cm longer), 1.86m wide and 1.45m tall, the new C5 imposes itself at the top end of the large family car segment.

The interior of the new C5 offers occupants an environment that exudes refinement, comfort and style. The same taut, flowing lines seen on the exterior are replicated inside in the detailing around the doors and dashboard, echoing the pursuit of quality throughout the car.

The attractive styling is exemplified by the instrument panel design, where annular needles run around each of the dials, allowing an electronic display unit to be integrated in the centre of each dial. Additionally, a screen on the overhead console displays an illustration on start-up, symbolising the car, its five seats and the seatbelt warnings.

The new C5 introduces a second-generation fixed-centred controls steering wheel, with membrane-covered controls, providing easy access to key functions such as the cruise control, radio or telephone. The model can also be specified with Citroën’s new-generation NaviDrive system, featuring a 7-inch central display screen and voice activation of the built-in GSM telephone, audio system and satellite navigation.

Large Citroëns are well known for providing the highest standards of occupant comfort, and the new C5 is no different, with special attention having been paid to the acoustics, suspension and seating.

The new C5 features levels of soundproofing that more than match any of its competitors. Specifically, the measures taken include acoustic barriers on the body and door surrounds, an acoustic windscreen, laminated side windows, reinforced absorbent body and roof linings, and damped mountings as developed for the C6.

With a view to offering the optimum mix of comfort and dynamics, the C5 has been developed to offer a choice of two suspension set-ups based on the running gear of the ultra-smooth C6 executive saloon. The metallicsuspension strikes an excellent balance between comfort and road-holding and features a double wishbone layout at the front and multilink set-up at the rear.

Citroën’s acclaimed Hydractive 3 Plusself-levelling suspension features springing and damping that adjusts instantaneously to offer a cosseting ride, whatever the road conditions. A soft mode provides optimum comfort while a firmer mode delivers greater body control. A “Sport” mode can also be selected for an even more dynamic ride.

Further contributing to a relaxed journey, certain versions can be specified with a driver’s seat back massage function. The front seats are fully adjustable, with either manual or electric controls, while rear passengers benefit from generous amounts of legroom - the absence of a central tunnel ensures a flat floor throughout the rear.

Typically for a Citroën, the new C5 is extremely well specified. Cruise control and a speed limiter are fitted as standard, while Hydractive 3 Plus versions are equipped with an automatic electric parking-brake and hill-start assist. For ease of parking, the C5 is also available with front and rear parking sensors, as well as a parking gap assistance system that determines the size of any available space and informs the driver.

The current C5 is one of the safest cars on the road and its successor is well set to follow in its tracks. New C5 is equipped with the very latest Citroën safety technology, including up to nine airbags, providing the occupants with reassuring levels of protection in the event of an accident. The stiffened body and cabin structure incorporates upper and lower absorbers at the front end to soak up the energy released in the event of impact.

The new C5 is the first in the range to be equipped with a collapsible pedal assembly - in the event of an impact the brake and clutch pedals retract into the floor of the footwell to limit injury to the driver’s legs and feet. A retractable steering column is also fitted.

The driver and passengers are protected by front, side and curtain airbags, together with the option of additional rear side airbags. The fixed central hub of the steering wheel ensures that the optimally-shaped driver’s airbag is always deployed at the right angle, while a knee airbag provides improved protection for the driver’s legs.

Control in difficult conditions is aided by the C5’s advanced braking system - Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Emergency Braking Assistance, ABS and ESP are all fitted as standard. Citroën’s much lauded Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is available on some versions, warning drivers when the car unintentionally crosses lane markings.

Improved visibility at night is provided by the C5’s enhanced headlight system. A static AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) function incorporates an additional light source that improves visibility and safety on corners and at junctions. A dynamic AFS option is available on models equipped with Xenon dual-function directional headlamps, further improving visibility to 105? at low speeds.

Citroën’s new C5 is a child friendly environment with Isofix anchor points on up to three seats, four one-touch electric windows with an anti-pinch function and an electric child-safety lock for the rear doors and windows, all fitted as standard.

To meet the full range of driver needs and preferences, the new C5 is available with a wide choice of engines. The petrol powerplants include 127bhp 1.8i 16V and 143bhp 2.0i 16V units,while there are four HDi diesel engines – HDi 110, HDi 138, HDi 173 and HDi V6 208 units – each fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter System that virtually eliminates particle emissions. A selection of manual or automatic gearboxes is offered.


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Comments (17)

abejafari abejafari
It is a great looking car.evrything is right in new c5 ,but i wish it had more power under the hood. Iam going to buy one,after all it is a CITROEN.
Apr 8th, 2009 5:03am
0 0
carnography carnography
Both saloon and estate C5 great sign of Citroen's revival. German posturing evident in design, but needs powerful V6 engines for both petrol and diesel.
Oct 15th, 2008 2:15am
0 0
leon leon
Tail light too big and design does not match the head light
Mar 1st, 2008 1:05pm
0 0
unknownuser unknownuser
Great car! Loved it from the first sight. I am expecting to come to Greece and buy it!. Although i will probably wait for the station-wagon (the capacity of the berline is not so big, about 440 lt). I will have to wait until June-July. The engines could be a lottle stronger :(
Jan 24th, 2008 10:28pm
0 0
ruben ruben
who is here frome the netherlands?
Dec 23rd, 2007 12:18am
0 0
ruben ruben
o yeah this is a great site
Dec 23rd, 2007 12:12am
0 0
ruben ruben
the new c5 is great! We got the oldest version
Dec 23rd, 2007 12:06am
0 0
millerlm1 millerlm1
I had an early 60's ID19 and loved it. I saw the earlier C5 in Lima, Peru and thought it was nice looking -- but this new C5, from the fotos on the web, is beautiful. How sad they will never arrive in the U.S. PSA just never quite mastered selling cars in the U.S.
Dec 13th, 2007 1:53pm
0 0
stelios stelios
excellent car.it looks like a genuine Citroen and really big.but i would like more powerfull petrol engines
Oct 20th, 2007 8:15pm
0 0
AmazingJerry AmazingJerry
Looks good, especially the interior.
Oct 20th, 2007 4:37am
0 0
ZireX ZireX
This is exactly how a Citroen should look...it's much better than the current C5.It's bigger almost like the C6 which is good.It looks sporty and luxury.One big step ahead for Citroen.
Oct 19th, 2007 8:20pm
0 0
lelu lelu
The petrol engines quoted here don't have direct injection : their power is the same as the C4 Picasso.
Oct 19th, 2007 5:05am
0 0
citroengrfan citroengrfan
The new C5 II is simply excellent for my taste. Bold, dynamic, classy, premium, sporty...just magnificient. I totaly love it. I intend to see it when it comes to Greece and test-drive it. I hope also to be able to buy one in one or two years time.
Oct 19th, 2007 4:38am
0 0
NaBUru38 NaBUru38
Oh, I forgot: the petrol engines should have direct injection or turbochargers.
Oct 19th, 2007 12:18am
0 0
NaBUru38 NaBUru38
Looks really big! In fact, it's about the same size as a C6... and the C4 Pallas too. Three is a big number, I think.
Oct 19th, 2007 12:14am
0 0
xLumino xLumino
Great new Cars. enouth Avantgarde for the C5, in opposite to the old one. Only the "VW Jetta"-tasted rearend of the sedan could be more outstanding
Oct 18th, 2007 11:53pm
0 0
Rolli Rolli
Oh dear...
Oct 18th, 2007 11:41pm
0 0