First Look: Subaru EXIGA Concept

Subaru EXIGA Concept
Subaru EXIGA Concept

Wagon looks almost production-ready

We can now reveal that Subaru will pull the curtain off their EXIGA Concept at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show.  This wagon is meant to really drive home Subaru's theme for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, "Fantastic Moments."

Subaru says that "The keyword is '7-Seater Panoramic Touring.'"  And although their keyword is really four words, they have certainly accomplished their goal of crating a wide-open wagon to comfortable hold seven.

The EXIGA Concept is a has so match glass you can barely distinguish inside from outside.  The spacious interior looks wide open with its mostly glass roof, large pane glass windows, and seats spaced well-apart. 

This new concept has what looks like three different television monitors inside: one for movies and games, one for satellite navigation, and a panormic shaped screen replacing the rear-view mirror.   Meant to simulate the feeling of being on a peaceful flight deck, the cabin has blue mood lighting for that tranquil feeling at night, and fold-down tables for the back passengers.  Comfortable-looking leather seats round out the interior.  The rear seats are even a little more elevated to form a "theater layout," ensuring everyone in the wagon will have a nice view.

Under the hood of the EXIGA Concept is a 2.0-liter, horizontally-opposed, turbo-charged engine.  This car has a five-speed automatic transmission, excellent ballance, and a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system to give the driver "precise control," states the release.

With its somewhat-more-aggressive front, the car looks to have a great amount of potential to head into production.  There are obviously features of the car that would need to be changed in order to make production a reality, Subaru looks to have done a good job at combining neo-futuristic elements, show their potential at creating a sought-after wagon.

Source: Subaru
Published Oct 9th, 2007 1:56pm By Zack Newmark

A Touring 7-seater for an exhilarating and liberating drive: The Exiga Concept.

Aim of Development

The keyword is “7-Seater Panoramic Touring” . The Exiga Concept is a completely new 7-seater proposal which has an exceptional balance of roomy space with agile and easy driving even while comfortably seating 7 passengers. This was made possible by integrating Subaru’s packaging expertise cultivated over many years with the touring wagon, with the driving core technology leveraging Symmetrical AWD with a Horizontally-Opposed engine at its core. Subaru offers new and fun driving performance and a luxurious space of relaxation for all passengers.

Main Features

A lofty 360-degree panorama view To create a spacious and ample interior that is pleasant for all 7

passengers, we have incorporated a super-size glass roof. To ensure that all seats have nice panoramic views, the seats are gradually higher toward the back in a theater layout.

Visibility around the vehicle is further secured by eight view monitors in the instrument panel. Combined with excellent direct visibility, there is no need to be anxious about maneuvering the


A combination of pleasant driving and a comfortable ride With the excellent weight balance of Subaru’s unique Symmetrical AWD coming from its low center of gravity and the newly developed chassies that offers innovative driving, we have balanced pleasant driving and a comfortable ride typical of a Subaru, all while securing interior comfort for 7 passengers.

For the power unit, we have combined a 2-liter Horizontally-Opposed turbo engine that balances power feeling that is characteristic of a higher displacement naturally-aspirated (NA) engine and

excellent mileage, with a precisely controlling 5-speed automatic transmission. This allows for powerful and smooth driving, even with 7 passengers.


The fusion of function and beauty, combining agile and reassuring driving performance with enriched interior space, all suggest the direction of Subaru design.


The airy and enriched interior space was rendered with a body consisting of a firm surface texture that suggests superb athletic ability, like a well-proportioned athlete’s body. The bright candy red

and pearlescent coloring expresses its unparalleled presence, well-defined dimensions, and powerful dynamism.

While creating an exterior that is suggestive of its airy cabin space, we have optimized the A-pillar angle for good visibility. For the side rear view camera, we have incorporated a wedge-shape to

render the momentum from the A-pillar flow. We used LED for the headlights and created a unique design that combines function and playfulness.


The theme is a luxurious and adult space that offers relaxation. The bright and high-quality leather interior using mostly pearl white and blue suggests the refreshing and luxurious feel of being on a cruiser deck. Additionally, a clear blue display zone that stretches from left to right has been installed in the instrumental panel. This shows many faces, at times a safe range of view and at times entertainment for its passengers.

The seats securely support the bodies of passengers while in motion and also offer convenience with versatile arranging. The seats in the back are equipped with folding tables similar to passenger airplanes. A soothing space is rendered at night with indirect lighting on the ceiling and side doors, giving this a different look from daytime.

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Comments (7)

qwerty-acme qwerty-acme
they should keep the flat-four, then the consumers will be able to use it as a functional family car, and also be able to go out on a sunday afternoon and fang it hard round corners.
Jul 17th, 2008 3:53pm
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stevo stevo
I currently own a '00 Legacy wagon. Unlike all the rest of Subaru's offerings, Legacys have blessedly never been given the gift of 'Subaru ugly'. IMO, the pinnacle of factory sports wagon (in the bang/$ category) was the '07 Legacy Turbo Wagon. Apparently having such a sharp sports wagon was too much for Subaru mgmt who promptly made all '08 Legacys sedans and all '08 Outback wagons. If it's working, break it. Unbelievable incompetence. Exiga: Better than no Subaru sports wagon at all, but I would strongly suggest : a) add 1" of lift at rear axel, b) drop roof above driver by 1"-2", c) rake front windshield back & adjust front seat mounts down, accordingly, for b), d) try to compress the front-end cross-sectional-height down by 1"-2" (otherwise, relative to b)->d), this thing looks too much like the cross section of a Forrester...) e) toss out the red models rear end in favor of the silver's, (much better rear light & venting (even if it’s pseudo) treatment) and redo front according to follow silver's rear. f) install a 3.0 Turbo, and g) bump f/r rubber width accordingly... ...And maybe the Exiga will be my next sports wagon. As it is, Audi, BMW, VW, Volvo and even BUICK (!! via the Holden Zeta) are looking a viable alternatives for the sports wagon market that Subaru has tossed into the trash of unwanted corporate profit.
Dec 5th, 2007 9:55am
0 0
Subaroooo Subaroooo
I saw the car at the Tokyo Motor Show and was really impresed - especially by the fact that it didn't look that big yet it held seven passengers. The red color was so rich. The STi looked amazing and might buy one when they are released - if I can afford it.
Nov 14th, 2007 9:16am
0 0
lilphil lilphil
I love it!!! And so will my wife and kids.
Oct 12th, 2007 3:09am
0 0
Turkle Turkle
I really think that the Pontiac folks fealt better about releasing photos of the extremely odd looking Vibe after seeing pics of this thing. Subaru is going out of their way to make each of their cars look unique (cough.. cough.. I mean ugly! cough.. cough).
Oct 11th, 2007 11:42am
0 0
sgallo sgallo
Does Subaru have a goal to make the ugliest cars in the world?
Oct 10th, 2007 8:49am
0 0
sgallo sgallo
Does Subaru want to make the world's ugliest cars or what?
Oct 10th, 2007 8:47am
0 0