Hartge H50 V10 Coupe

Hartge H50 V10 Coupe
Hartge H50 V10 Coupe

Based on BMW E92 3 Series Coupe

Press Release

Back again this year: the HARTGE H50 V10 under the guise of the E92 3 Series Coupe. The first thing that strikes you is the two-tone paintwork, then the ventilated bonnet and front wings, as well as the HARTGE front spoiler lip and HARTGE boot spoiler. From the Saarland region, the H50 V10 features a thermo-dynamically optimised bonnet. In addition, HARTGE's engineers and mechanics have achieved an extraordinary feat of engineering: the installation of a modified M5 V10 engine producing 550 hp (404 kW) and a torque of 520 Nm, which is coupled to a 7-speed SMG transmission and de-restriction to 320 km/h. To help the H50 V10 put all this power onto the road, it is also fitted with a reinforced rear axle and a special suspension system that can be adjusted not only for height but also for rebound and compression. Also especially made for the HARTGE H50 V10 is the stainless steel exhaust system, which makes the V10 sound an acoustic delight. Customers can choose between dual twin oval or dual twin round tail pipes. The wheel/tyre combination consists of 9 x 20" offset 40 wheels at the front and 10 x 20" offset 40 at the rear fitted with Pirelli 245/30 ZR 20 and 295/25 ZR 20 tyres respectively. Last but not least: inside the HARTGE H50 V10 besides a 330 km/h speedometer, the first things you notice are the carbon interior trim, the 3-spoke steering wheel with carbon inserts and the leather/aluminium brake handle. With the H50 V10, HARTGE maintains its long tradition of building wolves in sheep's clothing for individualists who prefer understatement.

HARTGE H50 V10 Coupé (based on 325i / E92)


Cylinders: 10

Displacement: 4999 cc

Bore / Stroke: 92.0 x 72.2 mm

Performance: 404 kW / 550 hp at 7750 rpm

Max. torque: 530 Nm / lb-ft 391 at 6100 rpm

Fuel grade: Unleaded, 98 Octane

Euro norm: Euro 4

Gear box: 7-speed SMG

Gear ratios:

1 = 3.99 : 1

2 = 2.65 : 1

3 = 1.81 : 1

4 = 1.39 : 1

5 = 1.16 : 1

6 = 1.00 : 1

7 = 0.83 : 1

Rear axle ratio: 3.45 : 1

LSD: 0 - 100 %

HARTGE equipment

E60 M5 V10 engine with reworked cylinder heads, sports camshafts, bespoke engine mapping, 7-speed SMG gear box, special exhaust system with new manifolds, reinforced and adjustable wheel suspension.

HARTGE stainless steel rear silencer with dual twin oval or dual twin round tail pipes, left and right HARTGE adjustable sports suspension, 30 mm lower Brakes:

  • 380 mm 2-piece perforated floating disks front with 8-piston fixed brake callipers

  • 345 mm 2-piece perforated floating disks rear with 4-piston fixed brake callipers

HARTGE front spoiler lip

HARTGE bonnet, ventilated

HARTGE rear wing

HARTGE set of carbon housings for exterior mirrors

HARTGE CLASSIC 2 wheel set

  • 9 x 20" offset 40 with 245/30 ZR 20 Pirelli Nero

  • 10 x 20" offset 40 with 295/25 ZR 20 Pirelli Nero

HARTGE 3-spoke-leather steering wheel with carbon inserts

HARTGE carbon interior trim for dashboard, gear lever panelling and door handles

HARTGE speedometer 330 km/h

HARTGE leather/aluminium handbrake handle

HARTGE aluminium pedals (2)

Set of HARTGE velours floor mats, black (other colours upon request)

HARTGE set of emblems for bonnet and boot lid


Acceleration 0-100 km/h / 0-62 mph:

4.4 s

Maximum speed:

320 km/h / 200 mph

Weight DIN:

1670 kg / 3676 lbs.

Weight distribution, front / rear:

52.0 / 48.0


157,650.00 EUR including 16% VAT

Technical data and prices are subject to changes without notice. November 2006

Source: Source: Herbert Hartge GmbH & Co
Published Dec 12th, 2006 11:08pm By Text & photos edited by Brian Potter
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