Nissan Micra Barbie Car (UK)

Nissan Micra Barbie Car
Nissan Micra Barbie Car

With BAR81E specialized number plate

Press Release

Chorley Nissan has launched a search for a Barbie girl to drive away in what could prove to be the most expensive Micra on the road – a special edition pink Micra C+C with personalised numberplate ‘BAR81E’.

The pink Micra C+C (coupe and cabriolet), is currently on display in Chorley Nissan’s showroom on Strand Road, Preston – and appropriately, sports a number plate any Barbie Girl would be proud of.

The dealership is hoping that the pink C+C, normally priced at £14,750, will be sold together with the number plate for an incredible £36,250, making it the most exclusive and most expensive Micra on the road!

Chorley Nissan, the North West’s leading Nissan dealer group, has pledged to donate £250 to breast cancer charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, when the car is sold.

Steve Jackson, Managing Director of www.newreg.com, a Preston-based company and owner of the BAR81E numberplate has also pledged a charity donation if the plate, worth £21,500, is sold with the pink Micra.

Chorley Nissan Group Director Peter Portlock said: “Nissan produced just 275 of these pink Micra C+Cs as a result of Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and we’re lucky enough to have one of them here in Preston.

When Steve Jackson from www.newreg.com approached me and asked if we would display the vehicle with their BAR81E numberplate – it seemed a fantastic idea and a great way to promote the ‘Breakthrough’ campaign.

We’re absolutely certain there’s a Barbie girl out there who’d love to get her hands on both the limited edition pink Micra and the ‘BAR81E’ number plate that really makes this a true one-of-a-kind car.”

Peter added: “Breakthrough’s research, education and campaigning work is absolutely vital and we’re delighted to be able to support them and have a bit of fun in the process.”

Source: Source: Nissan Motor Corporation
Published Nov 10th, 2006 7:20am By Text & Photos edited by Clinton Deacon
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