Exclusive BMW M6 Convertible for Kids

Exclusive BMW M6 Convertible for Kids
Exclusive BMW M6 Convertible for Kids

Discovering the world in a little dream car.

Press Release

The BMW M6 Convertible is a truly fascinating and exclusive vehicle. Now, younger car enthusiasts who don’t want to wait until they're old enough to take their driving licences can enjoy all the pleasures of driving with this fabulous dream car. The M6 Convertible from BMW is now available as a children’s s car in two versions modelled faithfully after the original: as a sporty pedal-powered car with easy-turn pedals or as a battery-powered electric model.

Just like its bigger brother, the detailed children’s version of the BMW M6 Convertible is in a class of its own. The metallic-blue paint, the front and rear apron in the original M design and the M6 sticker on the boot door and rear wheel arch will seriously impress any child’s playmates. The extra-large rubber tyres with M6 rims look fantastic and lend the car a real go-kart feel.

To make sure that junior's driving pleasure isn‘t spoiled by accidents, the kid’s M6 Convertible also makes safety priority: the painted steel frame and chassis made from non-harmful plastic provide the stylish owner with superb stability. To avoid sharp edges, all plastic parts have also been chamfered. The electric horn in the steering wheel also helps little drivers draw attention to themselves. The electric speedometer helps keep speed under control too (electric version only). And as with all children’s vehicles from BMW, the M6 Convertible has of course also been approved by the TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency).

In the electric version of the BMW M6 Convertible, young asphalt cowboys can really move in style: two 6-Volt batteries generate a speed of up to 8 km/h in forward gear, and up to 4 km/h in reverse. Depending on their child’s driving abilities, parents can reduce the maximum speed to 4 km/h. The switches on the right-hand side of the vehicle offer the following functions: forward gear, reverse and idle. When fully charged, the battery can provide at least 1.5 hours of fast­paced driving fun. A battery charge status display indicates in good time when the electric car needs to be plugged into the power socket to be ‘filled up’ again. The charging time is around 15 hours and the charging station comes with the car.

An important safety feature of the M6 Convertible electric car is the dual-brake function. This allows braking while simultaneously pressing the accelerator and brake. All electrical components have also been insulated to make them child-safe. The BMW M6 Convertible’s adjustable seat ensures an ideal and comfortable sitting position.

With its smooth-running crankshaft mechanism, the pedal-powered version of the M6 Convertible soon picks up speed too. The electric and pedal-powered versions are suitable for children aged between 4 and 7 and can carry weights of up to 50 kg.

The electric model of the BMW M6 Convertible costs Euro 439, while the pedal-powered version costs Euro 289 (recommended retail prices in Germany). Both cars are available from selected BMW dealers, or online at www.bmw-shop.com.

Source: Source: BMW Group AG
Published Oct 25th, 2006 7:26am By Text & Photos edited by Clinton Deacon
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