SPY PHOTOS: Three New Opel Models

Opel Vectra - Artist Impression
Opel Vectra - Artist Impression / copyright AUTOMEDIA

Opel Agila, Vectra, and Omega


Seen here for the first time is a prototype of the upcoming Opel Agila replacement during secret testing in the south of Europe. The test crew also included some Suzuki engineers, because the Agila is being developed in co-operation between Opel and Suzuki.

Not much can yet be distinguished under the very tight disguise of the prototype, but the new Agila is going to be definitely an all new car with new styling. One photo allows at least a glimpse of the new dashboard.

The microvan will again use transversely mounted engines and is front driven. Power is expected to come again from two fuel engines between 60 and 80 HP and one 1,3 litre turbodiesel delivering 70 HP.


While Opel’s Vectra generation 3 has been on the market since 2001, the company is now preparing the next one as number 4.

These photos are showing a latest prototype mule during tests at Nürburgring in Germany. Under a current model year body – it has visibly wider fenders - the new underpinnings of the next generation Vectra are being tested. It is the new Epsilon 2 platform allowing a wider and taller body providing more space inside for the passengers.

The Vectra 4 will be an all new car with a completely new styling, needed to rival the upcoming new Ford Mondeo and the new VW Passat. Furthermore, Opel will offer all wheel drive for the new Vectra as an option, for the first time. Power will come from a wider selection of new engines including a 200 HP 2,7 litre V6 Turbodiesel and a newly developed 2,8 litre V6 fuel engine.

The Vectra is scheduled for release at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn 2007.

One photo is showing a computer image of the Opel Vecrta from our files


Last but not least, according to rumours development of a new Omega has been resumed, after the project Insigna was dumped. Earlier news was that for economical reasons a new generation Omega was out of question. But without this model, Opel would lack a true top of the line model, and it would have been difficult to convince high-end Opel customers to stick to the make.

Although no prototype or mule has been sighted yet, a computer image gives an artist’s impression of how a new Omega might look like.

Source: Copyright by Lehmann Photo-Syndication
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