SPY PHOTOS: New BMW Mini Traveller

New BMW Mini Traveller Spy Photo
New BMW Mini Traveller Spy Photo / Copyright by Lehmann Photo-Syndication

Rear Door Specialties

While the new BMW Mini sedan version has already been released to the market, two more variants are still to come.The convertible and the wagon version named Traveller.

Here are some photos showing that the Traveller is going to feature something very special: to get to the loading platform, the car makers has thought up a particular split rear door which opens in two parts sideways. Each side has its own window washer. This is pictured one of the photos

Although the prototype is cleverly disguised, it is likely that the Traveller also gets two small additional side-rear doors, similar to Mazda’s RX 8. This gives easier access for passengers to get into the rear seats.

The Mini Traveller is expected to be due in two years time from now.

Source: Copyright by Lehmann Photo-Syndication
Published Sep 13th, 2006 7:07am By Text by Hans G. Lehmann
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