Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart

Innauguration in May

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  • Innauguration in May

With the Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart the company has placed yet another striking landmark directly next to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. With its prominent, cubic shape and roof garden the Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart forms an architectural contrast to the sweeping contours of the Museum, to which it is linked by the "Passage". In locating this fascinating building directly outside the gates of the Untertürkheim plant; DaimlerChrysler is uncompromisingly continuing its strategic initiative for the Mercedes-Benz brand. Accordingly the state capital of Baden-Württemberg, one of the two main DaimlerChrysler locations, is the fourth German city to possess such a Center in which customers are able to experience the entire brand world of Mercedes-Benz under one roof.

Designed by Prof. Christoph Kohlbecker (Gaggenau), the extraordinary building housing the Mercedes-Benz Center lies on the approximately six-metre high, artificial landscape of the Mercedes-Benz World together with the New Mercedes Benz Museum, directly outside the DaimlerChrysler plant in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. The Center is perched on one edge of a sloping park landscape, where it forms an architectural contrast to the Museum which has twice its height. An 80-metre long glass axis - the Passage with its catering establishments, shops and event areas – links the two complexes and switches the focus to the current vehicle range.

Over an area of more than 9100 square metres of windowed, sunlit exhibition rooms on three levels, the entire brand world of Mercedes-Benz is displayed to the customer in the new Center. Specially structured areas guide visitors through individual model series or topic areas, such as cabriolets, 4MATIC all-wheel drive, AMG and vehicles enhanced with designo appointments. In this way – with 130 vehicles on display - customers and visitors are able to experience the astonishing variety of the Mercedes-Benz brand. In a prominent position within the brand tower at the Center, Mercedes-Benz World will present itself to visitors with regularly changing exhibitions covering research, safety and design topics. The 19 current model series will be displayed in an unparalleled product presentation representing the basic values of the brand. Sales personnel will be available to offer customers advice, and in the future the Mercedes-Benz Center will be the place of work for around 120 employees.

State-of-the-art reception and service areas

In addition to offering a wide range of services, the new Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart will have state-of-the-art vehicle servicing facilities. A dialogue reception system, comprehensive parts supply and the latest working techniques will meet the highest demands in terms of quality, reliability and customer orientation. Situated below the landscaped level, this passenger car service outlet will be equipped with 16 workshop bays for repairs, maintenance and other services. A two-shift operation from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. (8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Saturdays) is planned.

With this new passenger car outlet in its home location, the company is presenting the very latest in automotive sales and service concepts, a pioneering initiative in terms of customer orientation, sales, servicing, brand experience and architecture. "The Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart ideally demonstrates our idea of ultra-modern sales and service in the major cities of the world", says Dr. Klaus Maier, the member of the Mercedes Car Group executive board responsible for sales and marketing. "The customer is at the centre of everything we do. With its presentation of the complete passenger car range, a brand gallery for regularly changing exhibitions and an exclusive personal vehicle collection service, the Stuttgart Centre has a trailblazing function."

There are plenty of parking facilities available for customers and visitors in and around the Mercedes-Benz Center – some in an underground car park and some outside. All are directly linked to the service area of the Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart, which is situated within the mound beneath the landscaped Mercedes-Benz World and is not directly visible to visitors.

"Joining the new Mercedes Centers in Berlin, Munich and Cologne, the Mercedes-Benz Center in Stuttgart will occupy a special position by virtue of its unique proximity to the New Mercedes-Benz Museum and the birthplace of personal mobility", says Christoph Köpke, Head of DaimlerChrysler Sales Germany. "Here in Stuttgart we will be able to present our products in all their variety, something that would be impossible in a conventional car dealership."

The absolutely unique concept of the Mercedes-Benz Museum and a company-owned brand outlet in Stuttgart offers customers and visitors the exciting opportunity to discover the history of the Mercedes-Bent brand from its early beginnings right up to the current product range. The attraction is further enhanced by the immediate proximity to the Gottlieb-Daimler Stadium, the Hans-Martin-Schleyer Hall and the future Carl-Benz Center.

"With this new Center adjacent to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, we intend to present every aspect of the brand to our customers. We are very conscious of our responsibility in this very special location, and will be an open house for our customers", says Burkhard Wagner, Director of the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart branch.

The Passage: a direct link to the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Visitors are able to move conveniently between the Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart via a 80-metre long Passage. The Passage not only represents a spatial link between tradition and the present, but is also an attractive experience world in its own right, with catering services, shops, presentations and outside areas.

A variety of attractions welcome visitors as they walk between the New Mercedes Benz Museum and the adjacent Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart. In the Passage they are able to enjoy a variety of catering establishments, purchase souvenirs in different shops dedicated to the brand or make use of additional services such as an ATM, postbox or public telephone.

The catering establishments’ services offer culinary delights to suit every taste. The restaurant has a light cuisine with regional specialities and classic international dishes, while eight diners are able to get together for an undisturbed, cosy meal in the inglenook room. Those in a hurry will find snacks, finger-food, fresh salads and a buffet with daily changing dishes in the Bistro. The bar serves exotic drinks and refreshing cocktails, including non-alcoholic beverages of course.

In the summer visitors can enjoy a touch of the Mediterranean lifestyle, and the conservatory even extends this into the winter months. To make sure that children can enjoy themselves too, a special area is reserved for them in the Passage.

The shops are also an inviting place to spend time and browse at leisure. Seating is provided for visitors to relax while they leaf through their newly purchased Mercedes-Benz books. The concept takes the many varied wishes of visitors from Germany and abroad into account. Accordingly all the product lines marketed by the Mercedes-Benz brand and Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH are represented, from the Museum Shop and the Classic Collection to the Motorsport Collection and the Driversline range.

More than 3000 products bearing the Mercedes star are available here, on a sales area totalling 697 square metres. Interesting literature and high-quality miniatures, carefully selected clothing items and useful day-to-day objects are to be found, as well as luxury watches, decorative home furnishings or small gifts for those left at home.

Visitors from abroad in particular will appreciate the range of regional specialities from Stuttgart and the surrounding area, as this enables them to take souvenirs typical of the region back home as a memento of their visit to the birthplace of the automobile.

The Passage also gives visitors an insight into the further activities of the Mercedes Car Group: current models of the high-end Maybach, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren super-sportscar and the smart are on show to illustrate the variety of cars currently on offer.

The open-air area leading up to the passage has a multitude of uses. A plaza and an open-air arena allow practically every conceivable type of event to be held. Some 500 seats arranged in a semicircle and an elegantly curved approach road is bound to make presentations an unforgettable experience. In total, the open-air site attached to Mercedes-Benz World in Stuttgart has space for up to 30,000 visitors.

Focus on communication

In all Mercedes-Benz Centers the main focus is not on classic sales negotiations, but very obviously on communication. The aim is to inform, fascinate and enthuse. The concept of the Centers is designed to ensure that parents and children, technology fans and design enthusiasts find them equally appealing. Visitors should feel at home and look forward to coming again – whether as customers, prospective customers or guests. And always with the same thing in mind: the Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart always offers significantly more than a conventional car dealership.

The brand identity of Mercedes-Benz is based on fundamental values such as technological leadership, safety, comfort, reliability and design expertise. These values are also clearly reflected in the brand architecture. Flexible and of high quality, but not extravagant; timeless in its appeal and factual – these are the core characteristics of Mercedes-Benz architecture. Architecture can only support a brand if it makes use a clear design vocabulary. In the Centers Mercedes-Benz therefore relies on clearly recognisable features, but without sacrificing architectural individuality.

This clear basic approach is continued in the details, for example the uniform design of the entrance and workshop facades, and in the use of the same colours and contours for the outside pillars on the main facades. The steel/glass facades are likewise predefined features. Not to mention the revolving Mercedes star, this also emphasises the special status of the Centers.

A new standard in customer orientation

The basic concept for the Metropolitan Centers arose from the idea of designing a "car dealership of the future" for Mercedes-Benz sales outlets. A dealership that sets new standards in customer orientation. The goal was an architecture which can be used worldwide, and is in keeping with the Mercedes-Benz brand. An architecture which will remain valid for many years, but also leaves scope for continuous further development.

The cultural backgrounds of the different sales locations also had to be included in the concept, as well as special social and urban planning considerations. And of course Mercedes-Benz had to have a brand and market presence which is recognisable yet individual. The result was the so-called "Metropolitan Concept".

The car showroom as a venue for events and a public attraction

The typical format of a car dealership has been considerably upgraded here. In selected metropolitan areas such as Stuttgart these Centers act as additional nodal points in the sales network. They are designed both as display facilities and venues for events, and are intended to be public attractions in their respective locations. The projects already realised in Berlin, Munich, Paris and Cologne have demonstrated how well this works. Further Centers will soon be opening in Milan and London. The Mercedes-Benz Centers in Berlin and Munich have shown a strong spin-off effect in the relevant region which also benefits the dealerships in the area. Visitors tend to stay in a Center for an average of around one hour – twice as long as in a conventional car dealership.

The new Mercedes-Benz Center Stuttgart: facts and figures


Prof. Christoph Kohlbecker, Gaggenau

Interior architect:

Karlheinz Detzler, Stuttgart



Foundation stone laid:

September 7, 2004

Topping-out ceremony:

July 14, 2005


May 19, 2006



Max. building height:

27 metres

Max. building length:

74 metres

Max. building width:

102 metres

Enclosed space:

142,500 cubic metres

Total floor area:

34,000 square metres





Display area:

9100 square metres

Brand gallery:

1300 square metres

Service area:

3500 square metres



Vehicles on display:


Parking spaces:


Source: Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG
Published Apr 28th, 2006 6:57am
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