Ford C-MAX Goes Cross Country

Ford C-MAX 4x4 artist interpretation
Ford C-MAX 4x4 artist interpretation / Copyright by Lehmann Photo-Syndication

One of the first mules caught

Ford continues to extend the Ford Focus model range. After just having launched the new S-Max at the Geneva Motor Show, engineers are already testing the next in line.

As the photos from cold-weather testing a showing, the pictured C-Max is a cross country version with higher ground clearance. The prototype has also four wheel drive (photographer looked underneath) and the new off roader is expected to come on the market as competitor against Volkswagen’s upcoming Cross-Golf.

The prototype is probably one of the first mules for the new 4x4 model. Therefore the top photo is a computer image showing how the Cross Country C-Max could look like upon its release

Source: Copyright by Lehmann Photo-Syndication
Published Mar 8th, 2006 11:06pm By by Hans G. Lehmann
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