New Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Sedan Released

New Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Sedan
New Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Sedan

Autech releases Axis version

Press Release

Autech releases Axis version

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today began sales of the all-new Bluebird Sylphy at dealers throughout Japan.


We put today's adult woman in the driver's seat to produce a car with classic beauty, high glamour and ultimate design quality.

In creating the new Sylphy, Nissan started with a concept: a luxury mid-sized sedan built with hospitality and care in mind. The result embodies the following three alluring themes:

* Beautiful --

Sublime S-curves lend graceful motion inside and out.

* Comfortable --

Like a living-room sofa, the seats are smooth and welcoming, with ample space for rear-seat guests to cross their legs in comfort.

* People-friendly --

Convenience features like the super-multiconsole ensure that both front- and rear-seat passengers are well cared for. The intelligent air-conditioning system constantly refreshes cabin air, maintaining a healthy, comfortable environment.

The most arresting feature of the new Sylphy is its undeniable beauty inside and out, shaped by Nissan's distinctive S-motion design theme. The elegant S of the dash board serves both the driver with functionality and the front passenger with openness. Taut surfaces draw the graceful curves into a lyrical body shape.

The large, shell-shaped seats embrace passengers in relaxed luxury. The rear compartment has legroom of 680 mm, more space than many Japanese luxury sedans.

The super-multiconsole, with its 9.7-liter compartment, is just one of the Syphy’s many new convenience features. Nissan's "smart" air-conditioning system monitors air quality, mixing in outside air to constantly refresh the cabin.

At 1,876 mm, the Sylphy’s cabin is the longest in its class. Its trunk is also the largest in its class at up to 504 liters (VDA) on two-wheel-drive models.
The electric powered driver’s seat is the first of its kind in the class, automatically adjusting seat and mirrors to the specific driver identified by the Intelligent Key.

The MR20DE engine furnishes 90% of maximum torque at 2,000 rpm, the most frequently used engine speed in daily driving, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

In combination with the MR20DE engine, Nissan's Xtronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) allows the quick response and smooth, powerful acceleration needed in daily driving along with fuel-efficiency equivalent to that of a 1.8-liter engine.

The all-aluminum HR15DE engine furnishes firm torque at medium and low speeds in a quieter and even more fuel-efficient package.

The power steering system also fine-tunes the controls in response to speed, creating a close-to-natural feel in turns and wheel centering.

The chassis consists of a strut suspension system at the front of the car and an H-shaped torsion beam suspension system at the rear.

A preloading mechanism has been added to the valves in both the front and rear shock absorbers. This mechanism improves ride quality by reducing the damping force in the piston's high speed range, while maintaining the same level of force in the low speed range. The suspension system also incorporates internal rebound springs and ripple control shock absorbers and is optimally tuned, enabling the Sylphy to provide superb handling and stability combined with supple ride comfort.

The Sylphy is attains greenhouse emissions 75% below the 2005 government standard, winning it certification as a super-ultra-low-emission vehicle (SU-LEV), eligible for green tax advantages. The Sylphy was the first vehicle to receive SU-LEV certification in Japan in 2003.


Origin of the name

The word 'sylphy' was coined from the sylph, the elemental spirit of air that consorts with those of earth, fire and water. Combining this image of clean, natural quality with the confidence and reliability of our venerable Bluebird brand, its name states the car's fundamental qualities: Bluebird Sylphy.

Sales goal: 3,000 cars per month

Price range: 1,785,000 yen to 2,310,000 yen

Autech Releases Bluebird Sylphy Axis

Nissan affiliate Autech Japan Inc. released the new Axis at dealers nationwide concurrent with the Bluebird model change.

The Axis: A Cut Above

Nissan's flagship 5-class sedan is designed for the discriminating driver, with dignity and rich texture. Outside, exclusive appointments mark the Axis as a cut above in class and style. Its cabin offers the ultimate quality of traditional coachwork, with genuine leather seats in classic beige or black themes.

Price range: 2,272,200 yen to 2,415,000 yen

Source: Text & Photos courtesy Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.
Published Dec 21st, 2005 7:34am
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