B&B Audi A4 8E 2.0 TFSI

 B&B Audi A4 8E 2.0 TFSI
B&B Audi A4 8E 2.0 TFSI

350hp and 450 Nm

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350hp and 450 Nm

For the new Audi A4 2.0 TFSI the VW & Audi performance tuning company B&B  (www.bb-automobiltechnik.de) has put together a program that catapults the standard version’s already powerful 200 horsepower to an explosive 350 horsepower strong machine.
The 5-level engine program starts off with an electronics alteration and a slight increase in boost to enhance the 2.0 liter engine to massive 240 horsepowers and 350 Nm for only 998,- EUR.  In the following stages the 2.0 TFSI engine is then successively enhanced to 250, 286, 300 and finally awesome 350hp and 450Nm at the last EVO-R stage.  To achieve these performance levels our B&B technicians exchange the standard motor against a completely modified engine with new B&B special pistons, connecting rods, a special cylinder head and a large turbocharger.  Extensive changes to the charge air cooling and and the injection system are also undertaken.  To further reduce exhaust gas temperature and back pressure a special exhaust system has been developed for the Sport A4 with a large downpipe and a high-performance racing catalyst.  Oil temperature is kept at an optimal state in this “hot” engine through the installation of a thermostat-controlled Slim-Line oil cooler.  Our extremely powerful Porsche-stomper blasts from 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds and the EVO-R stage’s speed limitation doesn’t set in until 260km/h.  To secure optimal safety at these extreme speed levels B&B is also offering height adjustable coilover suspension sets in different variations next to exclusive 18” and 19” wheels, 4- and 6-piston brake systems, and a smooth and precise short shift.  The Audi A4’s look finally can be spruced up with the newly developed, original and astounding 7-piece body-styling kit.

Source: Text & Photos courtesy B&B Automobiltechnik GmbH
Published Nov 28, 2005 11:38 pm
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