Brabus PowerXtra D6 (III) Performance Kit

Brabus PowerXtra D6 (III) Performance Kit
Brabus PowerXtra D6 (III) Performance Kit

Extra 48 hp / 35.3 kW and 80 Nm

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Extra 48 hp / 35.3 kW and 80 Nm

Fast and clean: 48 hp / 35.3 kW more power, an increase in torque of 80 Nm, exemplary low emissions, less than 30 minutes installation time and all of it covered by the unique BRABUS Tuning Warranty® of 3 years up to 100,000 kilometers (see BRABUS warranty conditions as of June 2003): BRABUS (www.brabus.com) offers the BRABUS PowerXtra D6 (III) performance kit. This powerful engine tuning is available for all current Mercedes C, CLK, E CLS and ML 320 CDI models equipped with the new common-rail V6 turbodiesel engine. The kit sells for 1,844 Euros MSRP.


The BRABUS PowerXtra D6 (III) tuning kit is part of the most powerful BRABUS engine lineup of all time, which will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2005 in Frankfurt/Main.


Without compromising the built-in safety reserves BRABUS PowerXtra D6 (III) performance tuning unleashes the true power inherent in the 320 CDI V6 common-rail turbodiesel engine. Emission levels are exemplary: Like the underlying production model equivalent all Mercedes-Benz 320 CDI V6 engines equipped with BRABUS PowerXtra D6 (III) performance kit meet Euro 4 emission limits and all are also suitable for vehicles with diesel particulate filter. The processor-controlled 'Plug & Play' BRABUS PowerXtra auxiliary control unit is designed to be installed in under 30 minutes by any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.


Rated power output jumps from standard 224 hp / 165 kW to 272 hp / 200 kW at just 3,800 rpm with BRABUS PowerXtra D6 (III) tuning. Simultaneously peak torque grows from standard 510 Nm to 590 Nm. Performance is on a correspondingly high level: The C 320 CDI sprints from rest to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. Top speed is 250 km/h.


The most powerful diesel model in the new M-Class lineup, the ML 320 CDI, also turns in decidedly better numbers: Compared to the production car (8.6 seconds) acceleration time from 0 – 100 km/h is reduced to 8.1 seconds; top speed increases from 215 to 222 km/h.


On road and off road the BRABUS-tuned CDI engines deliver not only excellent performance but also impressive pulling power at low engine speeds and favorable fuel economy, which despite the improved performance remains on the high level of the production models.

Source: Text & Photos courtesy Brabus GmbH
Published Aug 18th, 2005 8:14am

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