2006 Dodge Magnum

2006 Dodge Magnum
2006 Dodge Magnum

Delivers Powerful Punch in Packaging, Performance and Proportions

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Delivers Powerful Punch in Packaging, Performance and Proportions


·          Packaging: flexible, convenient and roomy interior space with unique rear liftgate for large cargo opening

·          Performance: authentic American muscle with legendary HEMI® V-8 power in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configurations for exceptional ride and handling

·          Proportions: unmistakable bold Dodge styling, dramatic body-to-glass proportions, high beltline and tapered roofline, unlike any other vehicle on the road


The 2006 Dodge Magnum continues to build momentum as one of the hippest vehicles on the road offering a bold, unique profile, exceptional versatility, optional HEMI® power and both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive performance.


Armed with cutting-edge technologies, the Dodge Magnum muscled its way onto the streets last year and changed the way customers think of family transportation, said Darryl Jackson, Vice President Dodge Marketing, Chrysler Group. Now, the 2006 Dodge Magnum continues to offer fun and functionality in a family vehicle unlike any other.




The head-turning exterior design of the Dodge Magnum features a bold front grille, long hood, shooting brake profile and strong muscular cues. The dramatic look is pure Dodge with every element having a purpose. The unique rear liftgate swings up instead of out to allow for opening in tight spaces and provides an unusually large cargo opening for flexible, useful space.


The performance-oriented driver cockpit has been enhanced and brightened on the 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT and Magnum R/T with subtle touches of satin silver on the center-stack bezel and a chrome-accented ash receiver door. Satin silver lower steering wheel spokes are now included in the Magnum SXT package with optional interior leather trim and on the Dodge Magnum R/T to highlight the classic no-nonsense interior.


What's New for 2006?


The 2006 Dodge Magnum lineup includes the rear-wheel-drive Dodge Magnum SE model, Dodge Magnum with the SXT package and the HEMI-powered Dodge Magnum R/T model. The 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT and the Magnum R/T also are available as all-wheel-drive models, which provide traction control in all-weather and all-surface conditions.


Engine and Transmission Packages


The 2006 Dodge Magnum SE features a 2.7-liter V-6 engine mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. The transmission features Variable Line Pressure (VLP), which accurately estimates the pressure necessary for maximum operating efficiency (late availability). This precise control of pressure reduces parasitic losses from the pump and hydraulic system to provide enhanced fuel economy.


Chrysler Group's five-speed fully automatic transmission is matched to a 3.5-liter High Output V-6 engine on the 2006 Dodge Magnum with the SXT package (late availability). The five-speed automatic transmission equipped with AutoStick®, a driver-selectable range control, offers fully­automatic or manual shifting selection. The five-speed transmission replaces the four-speed automatic transmission previously featured on the rear-wheel-drive Magnum SXT package.


The 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T featuring the legendary 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine with cylinder deactivation also is mated to the five-speed fully automatic transmission with AutoStick.


Additional Safety and security Features


A Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM) system is featured on the Dodge Magnum R/T model for 2006. The system monitors the pressure inside each tire and alerts the driver to improper tire pressure conditions.


A BeltAlert, which chimes to remind front seat occupants to buckle up, and a speed control instrument panel indicator light have been added to all 2006 Dodge Magnum models.


Rear-seat Entertainment System


New for 2006 is the availability of a rear-seat DVD entertainment system on the Dodge Magnum with the SXT package and Magnum R/T model. The Video Entertainment System (VES) is cleverly packaged in the center console unit and includes a DVD player and 7-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, a remote control and two wireless headsets. This location provides rear-seat passengers with easy access to the unit. The hinged LCD screen can be fully stored into the armrest or flipped up for viewing.


In addition to video DVDs, the system plays audio DVDs, Windows Media Audio (WMA), audio CDs, MP3 audio discs and video CDs. Auxiliary plug-in jacks are included on the faceplate so that rear-seat passengers can view video directly from a video camera, play games from a video game console or play music directly from a portable MP3 player.


Another unique feature of the entertainment system is that the vehicle speakers can play audio from a disc in the DVD player, while the rear­seat passengers can listen to audio from the SIRIUS Satellite Radio, AM or FM radio or a disc in the radio CD player on the headphones.


Rear-Wheel-Drive Technology


Dodge succeeded in bringing back rear-wheel-drive technology to transfer HEMI V-8 power to the pavement with the 2005 Dodge Magnum. Proven technologies such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP), All-speed Traction Control System (TCS) and Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) that helped control rear-wheel-drive 2005 Dodge Magnum vehicles continue to provide exceptional ride and handling characteristics in the 2006 Dodge Magnum with the SXT package vehicles and R/T models.


ESP enhances driver control and helps maintain directional stability in turns, including uneven surface conditions and patchy snow, ice or gravel. If there's a discernible difference between what the driver indicates through the steering and the vehicle's path, ESP applies selective braking and throttle control to put the car back onto the driver's intended path. The system is calibrated for improved control of the vehicle under a variety of conditions and operates in a manner that is not intrusive under normal driving The ESP also offers Brake Assist, which detects when maximum braking is required by sensing the rate of brake application. By applying full brake pressure to all four brakes, this system improves stopping distance


All-speed TCS enhances mobility and prevents wheel slip when accelerating on slippery surfaces. It also provides a measure of directional stability control an advancement beyond prior traction control systems ABS keeps the vehicle straight, while retaining steering capability when braking on slippery surfaces by preventing wheel lock-up


All-wheel-Drive System Provides Best in Passenger Car Four-Season Traction


The 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT and the Magnum R/T all-wheel-drive models provide excellent cornering balance under all driving conditions and improved traction in snow and wet weather conditions. By driving continuously through all four wheels, the all-wheel-drive system, combined with standard ESP, all-speed TCS and ABS, adds outstanding performance and stability under all traction conditions.

Source: Text & photos courtesy DaimlerChrysler AG
Published Jun 17th, 2005 10:04pm
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