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A maximum amount of car for a minimum amount of money

  • Volkswagen is adding a new entry-level model to its range
  • The new Fox — a compact car that is complete in all respects

A new, smaller and cleverer Volkswagen called the Fox has arrived. It gives you a maximum amount of car for a minimum amount of money. It is comfortable, safe and agile. It has two doors, a large tailgate and loads of space. The Fox looks unconstrained and strong. Your first impression will be that this is a Volkswagen. Your second impression will be that this is a Fox. It’s not a Polo, not a Lupo, not a Golf, it’s a Fox.

Samba pa ti: The Fox is built in Brazil where the sun almost always shines and the carnival of life rolls on. Volkswagen has built one of the world’s most modern car factories in Curitiba (350 kilometres from São Paulo as the crow flies). The Fox was developed in Germany. It will be available all over Europe. The markets with the highest volume will be Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. The Fox (in similar if not almost identical form) is already a success in South America.

All-round concept: The name Fox says it all. Using a smart concept, it is less than four metres long, but over one and a half metres tall. After all, parking space headroom is rarely tight. The first VW Fox came out twenty years ago. It was also an entry-level model and the cheapest Volkswagen of the time. Another clever idea. That version had Polo badges. Things have changed though. Volkswagen has a much larger range that will now start with the Fox. The most economic car is still the Lupo 3L TDI and the most compact sports car is the Lupo GTI. The current Polo has defined a world for itself as one of the most elegant and comfortable compact cars. Fox, Lupo and Polo for more colourful mobility.

No compromises: No other Volkswagen is cheaper than the Fox. However, it is a fun car, not an economy car. It has everything that you expect a real car to have. We do not just mean four wheels, but four full-sized seats, a very sophisticated chassis (with ABS as standard and optionally with ESP), an optional multi-variable and sliding rear bench, a galvanised and laser-welded body, top quality and all perfect functions that have characterised Volkswagen since the first VW designed by Ferdinand Porsche.

For a wide range of customers: The Fox will not reach just “one” target group or attract certain people. However, Volkswagen has designed the Fox with specific people in very specific situations in mind. On the one hand, the focus has been placed on anyone starting university or their first job. They are joined by any customers between the ages of 18 and 98 who could not afford a new car until now and have had to drive a used car. On the other, the Fox is an ideal second car or city run-around for businesses delivering pizzas, medicine or important documents.

Growth rates: What about the competition? There are rivals, but none them are Volkswagens. The fact is that the mini class, which should rather be called the low-cost class in view of the spacious Fox, will continue to grow. If you take all segments (A000, A00 = Fox and A0) positioned below the Golf class, an increase of over 200,000 to around 5.4 million cars has been predicted for Western Europe between 2005 and 2006 alone – that is a 33.3 percent share of the whole market volume.

Volkswagen will now be represented with three models: The extremely low-cost entry-level Fox, the specialised Lupo and the sophisticated Polo – variety instead of naivety.

Source: Text & photos courtesy VW AG
Published Apr 4th, 2005 10:07pm
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