BMW Motoren GmbH, Steyr Receives Federal Award for Revolutionary Diesel Engine

BMW 6 cyl diesel engine with dual-stage turbo
BMW 6 cyl diesel engine with dual-stage turbo

Auszeichnung für BMW Dieselmotor mit "Variable Twin Turbo" Technologie

Press Release

On September 27th, 2004, the BMW plant in Steyr, Austria, received the "Autoland Österreich" federal award in the "Engineering" category for the development of the revolutionary "Variable Twin Turbo" diesel engine. This prize was awarded for the first time by the federal ministry of transport, innovation and technology and pays tribute to outstanding work done in Austria's automotive industry.
The sportiest diesel engine of all time
With the new BMW 3.0 litre inline 6-cylinder diesel engine with "Variable Twin Turbo" technology, we have developed the most powerful diesel engine in its class by far", proudly states Fritz Steinparzer, head of diesel engine development at the BMW Group.

200 kW/272 bhp and 560 Nm of torque speak a clear language in a diesel engine. The innovative variable charging technology consists mainly of two different-size turbochargers arranged in series. Depending on the engine speed, the intake air is compressed by one or both turbochargers. This is controlled by especially designed electronics.

World premiere
This "Variable Twin Turbo" technology is the world's first series production passenger car diesel engine. The new engine will be available this autumn in the BMW 535d and 535d Touring. The new BMW diesel engine meets the stringent EU5 emissions legislation and is equipped as standard with the innovative and maintenance-free BMW diesel particle filter.
Engineering competence from Steyr
The "Autoland Österreich" prize, which is being awarded for the first time, emphasises the significance of the BMW plant in Steyr as a diesel engine development centre as well as the BMW Group's commitment in Austria.
Source: Text & photos courtesy BMW AG
Published Sep 29th, 2004 7:46pm
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