The New BMW X5 Security

BMW X5 Security
BMW X5 Security

BMW's first Sports Activity Vehicle certified to the B4 weapon firing standard

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The New BMW X5 Security

A very special BMW is also making its world debut at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show: The BMW X5 Security, the brand's first Sports Activity Vehicle certified to the B4 weapon firing standard and thus making things virtually impossible for the attacker. Offering superior off-road qualities from the start, the BMW X5 Security successfully rounds off BMW's existing range of security vehicles made up of the BMW 760Li High Security and the BMW 745Li High Security as well as the BMW 330i Security. The BMW X5 Security is intended specifically for markets where people feel threatened by local conditions and where, at the same time, an SAV offers clear advantages in terms of mobility due to the bad roads. Featuring the new xDrive all-wheel-drive system, ample ground clearance, and a large embankment and ramp angle, the comfortable X5 Security offers a very wide range of useful applications.
Violence increasing in many regions the world over
The BMW X5 Security is BMW's answer to growing violence and criminal threats involving carjacking and kidnapping in Latin and South America, parts of South-East Asia and the Middle East, as well as some states of the former Soviet Union. This kind of crime committed on the road and often out of pure coincidence is not a direct attempt at the occupants' life. Rather, the perpetrators seek to steal valuables inside the vehicle or, indeed, the entire car. Precisely this is why the X5 Security is protected against .44 Magnum revolver ammunition and other hand-held weapons in accordance with the official standards of the B4 weapons firing category. BMW security vehicles of this kind are used primarily by multinational companies and organizations as well as private individuals. Exceeding even this high standard, BMW's High Security vehicles meet the requirements of the supreme B6/B7 weapons category, providing reliable protection from attacks with military firearms and explosives. Introducing the X5 Security, BMW now offers the security-minded customer another possibility to benefit from the wide range of security features available straight from the factory in the car of his choice. And this is indeed of particular significance, since in many markets the usual procedure is to "armor" production cars subsequently after they have left the factory, a process which often fails to consider many security requirements simply because it is quite impossible to secure all hollow cavities in the body after production and because such subsequent measures often involve excessive weight loading down the door hinges, body structures and chassis components. After all, a vehicle in this security class weighs approximately 440 pounds more than its production counterpart - and this weight has to be accelerated and decelerated just reliably as the production model. BMW X5 Security
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Only built-in security is complete
Precisely this is why the BMW X5 Security is fully equipped for its purpose right from the start with features experts refer to as "built-in" or "integrated" security: Parallel to series production of the X5, the armored components are manufactured in a painstaking process of refined craftsmanship and integrated in the vehicle. This involves special steel structures and safety features such as windows made of composite glass and plastic layers with splinter protection on the inside, to name just two examples. Built-in security also eliminates potential weak spots such as gaps in the body, door joints, cable ducts or the transitions from metal to glass components. As a result, the BMW X5 Security offers its occupants all-round security covering all gaps, seams and openings in the body. Another advantage is that this type of armor is not at the expense of the interior as the X5 Security offering by and large the same generous dimensions and freedom of movement inside the passenger compartment as the production model.
Non-partisan institutes certify BMW Security vehicles
Another important argument also speaks in favour of security made by BMW: All of BMW's Security and High Security vehicles are built to international standards and are certified by non-partisan, official tests institutes such as the German Weapons Firing Office.
BMW Security vehicles - just as dynamic as every other BMW
In building Security and High Security vehicles, BMW's engineers give particular significance not only to ballistic security, but also to the vehicles' dynamic qualities and performance, which must be more or less of the same standard as with the production models. Right from the start, this is why the X5 Security comes exclusively with the new 4.4-liter 8-cylinder developing maximum output of 325 hp. And a particular highlight of the X5 Security, as with the "basic" model, is the all-new, intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system setting new standards in terms of all-wheel-drive agility: xDrive ensures ultra-fast, infinite and fully variable distribution of drive forces between the front and rear axle. The system immediately notices the need to change power distribution and responds extremely quickly, when driving on-the-road usually even before the wheel involved has lost its grip. As a result, xDrive is able to change power distribution extremely quickly in, say, a fast bend, significantly reducing any under- and oversteer in the process.
Five stars for perfect passive safety in the EuroNCAP crash test
It goes without saying that the X5 Security, like all of BMW's Security and High Security vehicles, comes with nearly all the passive safety attributes of the regular production models. Through its design features and safety items such as a maximum of 10 airbags, this is one of the safest vehicles in the world to begin with - a quality incidentally confirmed only a few weeks ago by the "regular" X5 scoring the best possible result in the EuroNCAP crash test, when the BMW X5 became the first Large Offroader in the world to score the maximum number of five stars in this toughest crash test worldwide. Last but not least, BMW's X5 Security does not allow any concessions in terms of passenger comfort. This consistency starts with the wide-opening doors for getting into and out of the X5 comfortably and in style and extends all the way to the various features of the X5's wide range of comfort equipment nearly all available in the Security model, too.
Discretion - also a very important asset for the customer
From outside the X5 Security hardly differs from its regular production counterpart. And this is important, since many customers understandably attach great significance to discretion and anonymity. Clearly, for this reason alone, BMW is equally discreet about the customers buying Security and High Security vehicles and benefitting from worldwide service tailored to their needs. This includes BMW's own pool of High Security and Security vehicles able to supply the customer with a suitable car whenever necessary at short notice and nearly everywhere the world over. And at the same time BMW is willing to buy back Security vehicles up to seven years old to make sure they do not go to the wrong purchasers in the second-hand market. Then, after a thorough technical inspection, these vehicles either go into BMW's own car pool or are sold to selected customers as pre-owned Security vehicles. The BMW X5 Security is not available in North America.
Source: Text and photos courtesy BMW AG
Published Sep 9th, 2003 5:36pm
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