E-Class in 'Men in Black II'

MIB E-Class
MIB E-Class

Worldwide cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Columbia TriStar - 7 photos attached

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Important Role for the E-Class in 'Men in Black II'
  • Worldwide cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Columbia TriStar
  • Global marketing activities feature the role of the E-Class in the film
  • "Become a Men-in-Black Agent!": Worldwide online game starts on of July 1, 2002 right before release of the film 'Men in Black II'
  • Back in Black: 'Men in Black II' also starring Tommy Lee Jones (agent Kay) and Will Smith (agent Jay)
The prominent role of the all new Mercedes-Benz E-Class in the second part of the Hollywood blockbuster 'Men in Black' (MIB II) is going to cause a worldwide sensation starting this July: an innovative agent vehicle, the versatile black sedan will be helping Agent Kay and Agent Jay in their hunt for threatening aliens. All it takes is a mere wink of an eye from one of the main characters to get the "hero's car" (what Agent Jay calls "the new hotness") ready to roll. After that, it just takes right off. In particularly dicey situations the E Class can even turn into a neat space car that whizzes the two agents up, up and far away. Behind the attractive film role for the new E-Class is a joint international marketing campaign by Mercedes-Benz and Columbia TriStar, a part of Sony Pictures Entertainment Group. In addition to involving the E-Class in 'MIB II', this effort also involves globally coordinated marketing activities including a global advertising campaign in movie theaters and/or on TV as well as in print media in over 20 countries. The campaign is based on the roles of the top characters and incorporates various film scenes in entertaining ways. This campaign links the Mercedes-Benz brand to the 'MIB II' film as well as to "Become a 'MIB' agent!", the online game developed by Mercedes-Benz (www.mercedes-benz.com/MIB2). In addition, Mercedes-Benz dealerships will receive promotional material with an 'MIB' theme. Nationally run games, contests and special screenings in different markets will round off this effort. Merchandizing will also be included in these promotions: the American toy manufacturer Hasbro is producing a model version of the "space car" for some markets. In the online game "Become a 'MIB' agent!", players must successfully complete four missions in order to advance from junior recruit to top agent status, which can only happen if they keep the aliens from stealing Mercedes-Benz fuel cell technology. On July 1, the first game mission starts in four languages (German, English, French, Spanish). Right now, interested players can already start with agent training in order to sharpen the skills that they will need later on in the game. This means that Internet surfers can begin hunting aliens even before Agent Kay and Agent Jay get started - the film premieres in the USA on July 3, followed by global releases, such as in Germany on July 18. For the official german premier of 'MIB II', which will take place on June 11 in Berlin, Mercedes-Benz will provide an exclusive V.I.P. shuttle service with 15 black E-Class sedans. 'Men in Black II' is based on the gigantic success of the first episode in 1997, which grossed more than $ 589 million. "In the film, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class stands for dynamic driving pleasure and innovative technology," said J. Justus Schneider, Director of Marketing Communication at Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. "With the campaign centered on 'Men in Black II' we want to present the brand and its features in an entertaining and evocative way."
Published Jun 24th, 2002 3:25pm By Text and photos courtesy of DaimlerChrysler AG
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